Department of Anatomy


To let students have the basic knowledge of human body and to teach it thoroughly. To provide comprehensive knowledge to undergraduate students, of the gross and microscopic structure and development of the human body, to instill a basis for understanding the clinical correlation of organs or structures involved and the anatomical basis for the disease presentation.


  • To impart to student a general working knowledge of the structure of human body and its application on clinical practice.
  • To develop an idea regarding the functional anatomy of living subject, general anatomical positions and broad relations of viscera, muscles, blood vessels, nerves and lymphatic through theory classes, dissections, demonstrations, group discussions, tutorials and integrated seminars.
  • To develop knowledge regarding sequential development and microscopic structure of various organs and tissues.
  • To create knowledge for interpreting plain X-rays.
  • To help and teach students to locate and understand human structure according to anatomical perspective.

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