Guru Mishri HMC at a glance

Everything in this universe beings from a point (Bindu); it grows into its dimensions, takes different shapes and then we see the magnificence of it.

– Rig Veda.

Om Shanti Bhuuddeshiye Shikshan Sanstha’s Guru Mishri Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital started its humble beginnings in the year 2008 under the benign efforts of Dr. S.M. Desarda. The dream of Dr. S.M. Desarda was to sow seeds of this two century old system of Medicine in this region of the country i.e. Marathwada Maharashtra.

Om Shanti Bahuuddeshiya Shikshan Sanstha’s, Guru Mishri Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital is the first institution in the Jalna District to offer B.H.M.S. Degree Course, M.D. Hom. Post Graduate Course & Ph.D. Research Center. The course was offered with the affiliation of MUHS Nashik. The courses was started with an initial capacity of BHMS 50 students per year, in the year 2008-09 was increased to 100 seats in the academic year 2017, M.D. Hom Course from 2018.  51 intake capacity in the name of Subject wise seats Repertory 9 seats, Organon – 09 seats, Pharmacy 09 Seats, HMM – 09 Seats, Practice of Medicine -09 seats & Paediatrics – 06 Seats. Homoeopathy since its inception, the institution is recognized by the Central Council of Homeopathy, New Delhi. More than 250 graduates have passed & Post Graduate 152 students appeared through the hallowed portals of this institution since its inception. Most of them are very well-settled in their professional practice and many of them have excelled in academic and administrative fields too. The alumni of this institution have joined even the alumni are in politics too.

In order to strengthen the teaching faculty, the society has recruited 42 teachers since its inception, marking the teaching faculty pattern the most ideal one as per the guidelines of the Council. To improve the teaching skills of the faculty, the institution undertakes continuous efforts. The faculty of the institution are encouraged to enhance their teaching skills by participating in programs like Training of Teachers  (T.O.T.), program of Maharashtra  University of Health Science, Nashik , The members of the faculty have been at the forefront of administration at the University and other bodies.

The Hospital attached to this institution was started with a bed capacity of 25 and is now enhanced to 75. The hospital has separate wards for Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, etc. It equipped with facilities like X-ray, auto analyzer, E.C.G., etc. Presently, it is headed by Deputy Medical Superintendent Dr. Yogesh S Desarda. The Hospital has adopted six villages Keligavhan, Najik Pangri, Shelgoan, Rala and Hiwra  to provide effective and free Medical care to the rural masses by opening peripheral OPD’s. The hospital has specialized care to offer to the old citizens through Geriatric Care Center, The Hospital trains its young Graduates and students at all these facilities equipping them with confidence to serve the society at the best.

Thus the journey of this institution during the past 10 years has been exciting and exhilarating passing through many milestones and leaving many foot prints for others to follow. The institution has created an aura around itself for its quality and commitment to excel, though it had its own share f ups and down as it happens with anything that grows. The institution looks forward to set newer goals for itself and trying hard to achieve them, with every passing year.

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